jordan belfort

With only 2 more years until the release of Jordan Belforts Autobiography turned Movie, Directed by Martin Scorsese & Acted by Leonardo Di Caprio it is hard to look past this truly inspirational speaker.

Check below for an amazing Video from The Wolf Of Wallstreet on how you can reboot your way of thinking to create the mindset you need to have success in your life.


Jordan Belforts Success


  1. I recently started following your work and just wanted to say, great job. It was an interview you did with Gary Vee that got me connected with you and I’m glad it did. After being an at-risk youth, I overcame, began teaching at the high school level, and recently quit my job to venture out on my own. It’s not easy, and at times, it’s downright depressing, but I’m pushing through. Just wanted to let you know, your story and struggle is inspiring and this site is awesome. I am looking forward to meeting you one day. Great video, by the way.


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