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A lot of people nowadays see the Music Industry as a black hole with saturation high and nearly every corner holding a brand new artist with a home recording studio people are in search of that golden advice that will put them 10 steps ahead of the rest in making it in todays busy Music Industry.

In this feature we present a number of videos with advice from some of the top A&Rs, Artists, Managers, DJs & Radio hosts in the Music industry on what it takes to be Successful in their field.


Irv Gotti, responsible for breaking such artists as Ja Rule, Ashanti, Lloyd etc… Gives advice on how to work your way up in the in Music Industry.


Jimmy Iovine, The head of Interscope Records, responsible for signing 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Soulja Boy etc.. offers advice to aspiring artists on how to lay the groundwork for a long and successful career in the music industry of tomorrow.


World Renowned & UKs #1 Hip Hop DJ & Radio Host “Tim Westwood” explains what is needed to break it in the industry with DJing and Radio Hosting.


P.Diddy, now known as “Swagga” (WTF?) talks about how he feels in the industry and motivates us with what he has learned from self lessons and coming up in the music industry.



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