Live Your Life With No Limitations Lebron James

This video is an eye opener, it challenges you to think about the impact that you have had in this world and it provokes you to find a way to expect more from your self so that you can live a life of great achievements and fulfilment.

How many of you know, that if you had your life to live over again, You can do more than what you’ve done?

Everybody’s got a dream. Everybody got a goal.

The question is, when you wake up in the morning :What effort will you put in?

Mateusz M did a beautiful job with this motivational video “REVIVAL” so we couldn’t help ourselves, we just had to share it with the rest of the world.



Motivational Video – REVIVAL


If you died…….this very moment. What will die with you? What dreams? What ideas? What talents? What Greatness that you showed up to bring? – Les Brown



  1. I love that quote a lot. It really puts things into perspective because the thought of having your aspirations and dreams, talents and greatness, following you to your grave, is scary. Best is to get started. Right now.


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