Tom Atencio Affliction

Tom Atencio
sports tribal tattoos, skeletal silver jewelry and muscles sculpted from years of practicing mixed martial arts, the violent spectator sport that combines elements of wrestling, kickboxing and street fighting. Perhaps you’ve heard of MMA. You probably don’t know MMA as well as Atencio does. Not only has he fought professionally, he’s also making his MMA lifestyle a bona fide business.

Atencio is the vice president and frontman for Seal Beach, California-based Affliction clothing, a 4-year-old rock ‘n’ roll-lifestyle apparel brand comparable to runaway successes like Ed Hardy and Von Dutch. Checkout the video in this post where Tom Atencio gives you the run down on the clothing design business and what it takes to make it in the business of MMA.

Tom Atencio – Affliction Clothing & MMA


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