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5 Reasons Why Underdog Entrepreneurs Are More Likely to Succeed



underdog entrepreneurs
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The world is in a place right now where everything is changing faster than ever. Thanks to the digital era, we are enabled to fulfil our dreams easily. Be it the flexible policies or the availability of easy information, it all allows us to work more effectively towards our goals. It’s the same for entrepreneurs alike.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur though, that’s mean but true. However, there are many more entrepreneurs today than there was just a decade ago. How is this happening?

People without entrepreneurial backgrounds are trying their luck and succeeding too. It’s a good wave for everyone, the consumer and the seller. The market is working together to reduce the gap between demand and supply. Not only is this keeping entrepreneurs on their toes, but is also encouraging them to think out of the box.

This sudden rise in the number of entrepreneurs could also be attributed to the availability of investors. They most certainly think differently than their predecessors. The desire to bring in the right change in society is the only thing similar between all generations of entrepreneurs.

Who is an underdog entrepreneur?

Underdog, as the term suggests, is someone who is least expected to succeed within a group of talented individuals. It is the same person who has the least power, say or authority in the lot. Underdogs are never usually even considered to be on the winning side. This in return makes it obvious for others to not have any hopes on them or worse, not even consider them. Some could argue that underdogs are usually not visible to others.

“Being underestimated is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have. Embrace it.”

However, over the years the above definition is seen in a more positive and different light. Underdogs are highly respected and regarded now, because of the uncertainty they carry with them. It reflects on the idea of someone weak or slow, working harder to be in a better position. Underdogs look appealing today because of their efficiency at breaking odds and coming out stronger. Today, underdogs also answer to the injustice or unfairness they are fighting to succeed.

Here are 5 reasons why underdog entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed:

1. They don’t take any aspect of their business for granted

Underdog entrepreneurs are from humbler backgrounds in terms of experience making them sceptical. They take every aspect of their business seriously. Be it something as small as managing their accounts or something as big as meeting an investor, they do it with equal determination. There are times when big businesses face trouble for having taken a small aspect lightly. This is usually never the case with an underdog entrepreneur, who is always on his toes. He is careful and is alert about what’s happening in and outside his business. This keeps him aware and also allows him to plan ahead in time.

2. Their risk tolerance is out of the world

They have faced failures multiple times in the past. They do not have inhibitions and scepticism, unlike most entrepreneurs. Taking calculated risks is a wise choice but can also keep one back in today’s fast marketplace. Underdog entrepreneurs are usually more likely to take risks that others are not willing to take. This certainly puts them in a tricky position but also improves their chances significantly. They understand the risk they are taking and take it with authority. They are the same type of individuals who believe they have nothing to lose in the first place. They risk it with the hope of getting something better. Even if they fail they know how to rise up again. Staying motivated even in the toughest of times is an art they have nailed.

3. They don’t make unnecessary chatter or claims

Underdog Entrepreneurs usually have too much on their plates; given the multiple hats, they wear. They don’t have the time or flexibility to indulge in useless banter. There are two kinds of people; doers and talkers. They are the first kind, who focus on doing things better. Their words speak for them. Having faced rejection and failure, they are usually very cautious before making any claims. They take failure positively but also learn not to talk about outcomes that aren’t out yet. These are the category of people who let their work speak about them. Underdog entrepreneurs are usually never satisfied and try to make up for the lost time and repute.

4. They think out of the box and have unconventional ways

They are the kind of people who experiment and run wild thoughts. Their fearlessness makes them take calculated yet unconventional steps. It could be in their execution or their promotions etc. The world is changing and is craving to see the right change. Unlike earlier times, the ideal consumer today is more willing and open to the right changes.

However, the consumer wants to know the logical reason behind a change. Underdog entrepreneurs are making better decisions every day and coming up with quirky ideas too. This is the time and age for unconventional settings and decisions and underdog entrepreneurs are making the best out of it. Their experience at falling and getting back up each time teaches them how to find better ways to rise up.

“Underdogs adapt, evolve and become winners because of their preparation, heart, execution and the relentless attitude that the game will not end any other way.”

5. They have exceptional people skills

It’s very important for every business to connect with its people, its consumers. The unique bonds that brands are creating today, is what separates them in the crowded marketplace. Coming from humble beginnings, underdog entrepreneurs are humble and open-minded. They talk to people, connect with them, share and take ideas. Underdog entrepreneurs shine at creating relationships that matter to their business.

They understand that there are many others like them in the market and keep their ego in check. They are more respectful of their customers and towards their competitors. This keeps them open to new learning, which should ideally be the motto of every entrepreneur. This is the same ability that makes them better advisors, mentors, leaders and salesperson. They understand human emotions and values better.

When an underdog entrepreneur finds success, he/she makes others believe in the power of hard work and determination. This is the positivity that people look out for in the first place.

As a technology enthusiast, Bella Williams contributes to open-source projects. She is also a Consultant for and part-time academic tutor at expertassignmenthelp and loves to write about students. When she not helping a student. She will be having a chocolate in different cities or taking a stroll down the beach. You can also find her on LinkedIn.

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