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Alaura Lovelight

Alaura Lovelight is a recording artist, writer and host of 'The Alaura Show' on New Jersey Television. Blending her passion for music and writing with a profound understanding of conscious creativity her new Youtube Series The Conscious Creative is set to launch in January 2024. As a Conscious Creative Expert, Alaura guides others through her Mindful Creative Coaching Program on a transformative journey to unlock their highest creative potential through the synergy of science and spirituality. Her insightful coaching empowers individuals to harness mindfulness and willingness in an effort to awaken the creative within. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of conscious creativity by downloading her latest book, "The Mindful Creative," accompanied by the enriching workbook, "The Willing Creative." Explore the deepest understandings of art, science, spirituality and self-discovery with Alaura Lovelight in a collective awakening to illuminate the path to conscious and impactful creativity.