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I have 100’s of people reaching out to me each and every month, asking me the same question over and over again. The question is…… “Joel, Why I am not happy with my life, what should I do?”

I have to admit, I had the same question as you many, many years ago, until one day, I decided to open my mind and actually take in the advice that so many of the most successful people out there were already telling us. There is a pattern, a formula, an answer and it’s out there. It has been shared to us all by billionaires, millionaires, celebrities and winners. It’s no secret, and I’m sure you have heard it a million times before, but there is a reason why you hear it over and over again, because it works, and how it works is easy when you are willing to make a move.

To be truly happy in life you have to:




It’s really that simple. The hard part for most is finding their passion, and I believe that can only be accomplished through a series of experimentations.

Life is made up of a million daily experiences. Each and every second we are experiencing movement around us, things changing, growing, dying and multiplying, we are all part of an ever evolving experience which we call “Life“.

We are all unique, yet a majority of us run through similar protocols and systems, and the thing is (and most people don’t know this), “that you can’t understand a system until you try to change it”, and that takes me back to the importance of experimenting.

How do you know for sure that you wouldn’t be able to start your own successful business when you have never written down a plan or even looked into it?

Or that you won’t be able to get a job at one of your favorite companies if you never even apply?

You need to start experimenting, you need to open your eyes, ears and start using your hands, whatever you have to do to make some noise and shake things up. The resources that are out there in this world are endless. Learn to be resourceful, sit down and actually write a list of The Top 5 Things That You Love In life, and start researching to see if there are careers in your areas of interests. Then… start looking for opportunities, put your name down in every facet of that field until something sticks.

Nothing is ever handed to you on a silver platter when it comes to finding your passion. No amount of money can buy you your passion, it is priceless, and it is up to each and every one of us to discover what we can truly love, grow and expand with major value.

I have worked just for the money before and it straight out sucks! Only when I followed my passion, I felt truly content.

Until you find your passion and pursue your dreams you will be wandering around, with something missing. We have to find our purpose, that is what makes us whole, along with family, friends and the opportunity to share our experiences with loved ones.




Now… get to work!


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  1. Hey Joel,

    I agree completely. Following your passion is the way to go.

    My struggle in the past has been in figuring out just WHAT is my passion? I’ve learned that getting clear and focused on a single thing at a time (e.g. a goal) and pursuing it with all my heart helps me figure out if the thing is my passion…or just a casual interest.

    In other words, it is through goal setting and focus (and actually picking a thing to focus on and seeing it through), that I’m able to experiment and discover my passion over time.

    I’m speaking from experience….as someone who knows his passion is teaching yoga, traveling and coaching others to be more successful. I recently left a high six figure job after 15 years (I was a strategy guy in a large tech company) to follow my passion….it was through goal setting and focus on those goals that I learned what my passion was, and built the courage to commit to them (even though it meant leaving a ton of money on the table).

    I’ve written a bit about goal setting and the approach I use on my blog:

    Keep up the killer articles Joel!

    Live your dream,
    Ravi from

  2. It was right to the point! Working mainly for many (and often for prestige or status) will lead you sooner or later to questions like: what was it for? why I don’t feel fulfillment? what will I do with my money now? when has my time gone…?

  3. Exactly what I did this year… I jotted down the 5 things I wanted to have and achieve in 2013. By June 30, I had accomplished 4 and I am left with only one.

  4. Awesome advice and article. Very true, the hardest thing for most people is actually finding out what their true passion is. I’m grateful for having found mine at a very young age and of course I took the opportunity to pursue it.


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