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I have watched this video 3 times over now and I am still blown away. Meet “Dean Karnazes” the man who can run forever. Running 50 back to back marathons in 50 days you’d say that this guy has the mental and physical stamina to accomplish most things thrown at him. Dean Karnazes recently featured on comic book legends, “Stan Lee’s: Superhumans” TV show, where Stan Lee tracks down and follows a handful of superhuman beings with amazing abilities.

So when you feel like you can’t pull yourself out of bed for that 5am run, flick this video on for some hardcore motivation and see if you can top this guy!


Dean Karnazes – Superhuman Ultra-Marathon Runner


Dean Karnazes Advice

Below is some training advice from the pro himself “Dean Karnazes“:

Run Like a Pro

Focus on maintaining good form by tightening your core, leaning your upper torso forward, and thrusting your arms.

Train Twice as Hard
“Build your endurance with dual cardio workouts,” Karnazes says. “Do cardio in the morning and repeat it in the evening — a minimum of 45 minutes each on the treadmill, the elliptical, or whatever your preferred machine is.”

Put on the Blinders
“Ignore any sort of mile markers,” Karnazes says. “Inevitably, you’ll look at them, see how much distance you have left, and think you can’t go on.” Instead, focus your attention on your form.

Listen to Your Body
A cramp or gut stitch is a surefire way to lose time on the course. But ignoring it is even worse. “It’s painful, but you’ve really got to slow down and work through it.” Since cramps are caused by oxygen and electrolyte deficiencies, breathe deeply to pump in fresh oxygen to your muscles, and if possible, swig a salt tablet with an electrolyte beverage.


Dean Karnazes Quotes:

You cannot grow and expand your capabilities to their limits without running the risk of failure. – Dean Karnazes

Regardless of how distant your dreams may seem, every second counts. – Dean Karnazes

Even if you’re inches away from the finish, never take success for granted. – Dean Karnazes

I never feel more alive than when I’m in great pain, struggling against insurmountable odds and untold adversity. Hardship? Suffering? Bring it! I’ve said it before and I’ve come to believe it: There’s magic in misery. – Dean Karnazes

Pain is in the neurons of the beholder. – Dean Karnazes

Running has an uncanny ability to mellow the soul, to take the edge off hard feelings, and put things back into healthy perspective. – Dean Karnazes

“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” – Dean Karnazes



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