(Video) Inspirational Running Video

(Video) Inspirational Running Video

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A great inspirational video created for aspiring runners.

Enjoy this video and share it with all the procrastinators out there who find it hard to get out of bed for an early morning run.


Inspiration To Run

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  1. this is the best site i had visited ever……….

    there is the best collection of videos and qoutes…


  2. Even if you don’t run in the morning, this is just a great video to watch to get you motivated on up. I think I’ll use it and recommend it on my blog also.

  3. Awesome Video, thank you for posting.

    I really liked the music in the background. May I ask where its from/what it is?


  4. As usual, loved it! And I don’t take it as just about running, it’s about life, and your pursuit of going after and being who you want to be. And taking all the necessary steps to get there.
    Thanks again Joel, patti

  5. Great message sometimes I dont feel up to it either but something about this video put smile on my face truly inspired funny you put this up today cause my daughter (booboo) and I were just talking about running in the mornings before she goes to school shes 9 and I head to work. Thank you

  6. As usual, Jeel, another great video. And I find this video inspiring not only for running, but for all aspects of life. Know who you want to be and take the actions to become that person – TODAY – because “someday” doesn’t exist.

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