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Rakel Chafir

Rakel Chafir is a body confidence expert and success coach who teaches women how to heal their relationship with their body so they can reach their full potential in life. Her signature approach combines physical movement, resilience training, neuroscience, and spiritual principles to help clients let go of addictive behaviors which prevent them from being successful in every area of their lives. Rakel has worked in some of New York City’s most elite studios as a certified personal trainer and also has an extensive background in health and wellness that includes being a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, a Master Expert in Hypopressive Abdominal Method, a Spirit Junkies Level 2 alumni, and more. Her expertise has been featured on Thrive Global and CEOWorld Magazine. Rakel is the author of the forthcoming Free Your Body: 7 Steps To Get The Freedom You Deserve and the Body You Desire (November 2020).