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Jane Baker

Jane Baker, creator of the DISRUPT sales method, is an 8-figure, award-winning serial entrepreneur, top 100 female UK entrepreneur, CEO of an international group of companies, high-ticket sales strategist, multiple bestselling author, media personality and philanthropist. Jane works with a wide ranging clientele including celebrities and FTSE 500/Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes. Jane blazed her way to success, ditching industry norms and helps her clients sell five, six and seven figure offers with ease whilst unlocking time freedom to live a limitless life they love. After dropping out of school, aged 16, Jane spent seven weeks in a call centre, unable to sell a single thing. As a result Jane is passionate about empowering others to reprogram their relationship with sales, create aligned offers and sell their way. Find out more about Jane and her work here and here.