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Deidre Sirianni

Deidre Sirianni is a TEDx Speaker, leadership coach, and spiritual guide, serving a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders, and visionaries on their journey of healing, integrating change, and making a significant impact through their work. Deidre uses her over 10 years of experience in leadership development, holistic wellness, and human behavior to help clients overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and unresolved trauma that holds them back from being fulfilled and reaching their goals. Deidre has supported hundreds of people around the world on their journey of realizing their full potential. She’s spoken on global stages such as Envision Festival, Impact Festival, Consciousness Hacking, Influence, and her genius has been featured in Lululemon, Novus TV, and Alive Magazine. If you know that you have a big message to share with the world and you have trauma to heal, blocks to remove, behaviors patterns to transform, and gifts to activate within you, then click here to learn more.