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Izzy Arkin

Head over to The 30 Year Old Ninja to learn the critical mindset, steps, and principles to turn your dream into a reality. Izzy coaches people one on one and runs an online course to help you Achieve The Impossible. You can also follow him on Facebook to get daily inspiration.
motivation for life

Motivation is often cited as the magical answer to everything you want. If you were motivated you would lose that weight, write that book, start...

Take a breath, sit back, and imagine for a moment. You are in the last hour of your life. Your time has come. You have...
Ninja Japan

Izmael Arkin, a middle school teacher quit his job to follow his childhood dream: To become a Ninja. Read on to see how Izmael...


Deepak Chopra Meditate for Success

This is a post I am uber excited to share with you. I was up nice and early at 2am Perth, Western Australia time this...
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