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Please Help Me & The Addicted2Success Community Raise Money To Build A School For Disadvantaged Children in Laos


Hey, it’s Joel Brown from Addicted2Success here.

I’m so excited you came here to be a part of something truly unforgettable.
We have the opportunity to change the lives of so many children in Laos right now who are in need of a better education.

If you’re reading this right now then you can thank your lucky stars because you’re more fortunate than 785 million people worldwide, who are illiterate because they do not have access to a quality education.

I am inviting you on a fun adventure with me and the whole Addicted2Success community to raise $25,000 USD to build a school in Laos for children in need.

Every dollar counts so if you’re in a place where you can only donate $1, $2 or even $5, that is absolutely fine. I would be over the moon for you even considering to donate to this worthy cause.


Please click on the picture below to donate to this cause and help us make a difference for the children of Laos.



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