More than 40 Billionaires in America have pledged to donate more than half of their Billions for Organizations in research, supplies and education to better the world. Warren Buffett & Bill Gates/Melinda Gates founded the organisation and have pledged to donate for the good of the world.

Other Billionaires on the list that have offered to give a majority of their wealth to philanthropy include George Lucas, David Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg and more…

The videos in this post explain more about the pledge and its participants.


Billionaires Giving Away Their Money


Billionaires Giving Away Their Money Pt.2


Billionaires Giving Away Their Money Pt.3


  1. It’s a good cause. But, speaking as a rising entrepreneur, it would be nice if they made these types of investment in startups without all the hassles, stipulations and red tape. Then, we’d have more billionaires to invest back into philanthropy and social advancement. Startups benefit the world, too, top percent-ers!


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