Award winning Rapper and Actor, Aubrey “Drake” Graham recently shared his insight on becoming successful and what it takes to be a high achiever in the music industry.

Not only is Drake doing very well in the music industry, Drake recently featured as an actor in Will Ferrel’s “Anchorman 2” and has just earned the titled of “Global Ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors NBA Team.

Drake shares his experiences with CBC Radio’s Jian Ghomeshi on his addiction to success, the importance of winning and what he’s sacrificed to get there.




Drake – What It Takes To Be Successful


  1. I can feel where he is coming from. It seems like he’s intentionally being “vague” in his answers. I agree with shooting for more money because its the hunger that drives us. It’s the ability to do more and reach for more and accomplish more that makes the difference. Especially when you’ve reached certain heights.

    I grew up watching Michael Jordan and he went through something similar where he said he only competes with himself. It’s about getting better and better and competing with yourself.

  2. just another untalented wannabee. His interview was like listening to a 6 year old – “when I grow up……..” and he makes money from people who are more idiotic that he is. So he’s pretty clever actually!!!!!

  3. Most of these famous artists these days are just actors. They write good lyrics yeah but they cant back it up on an interview.. They r not very clever at all, they don’t now where their strength are etc etc example, 2 Pac on a live interview, you will feel and see his intelligence, the same you hear in his music. I m not comparing them to 2 pac b ut they compare themselves with everyone coz they always say i am the best, I am the greatest bla bla bla…

  4. I liked how he didn’t take more than 1 week off after finishing his album… He needed to get back to work… Reminds me to a lot of the things Eric Thomas says

  5. I have to disagree on this interview with Drake. Real success is not defined in numbers or in how much you win. Real success is defined in how much you lose and how you bounce back from the loss. How you lead and display your character determines a real successful leader, not money. Rap fans even rappers themselves would disagree with me on this, but you can’t keep rapping about negative things and still be seen as a positive role model, it’s counter productive. Inventing something, wanting to start a legit business, now that is the best thing I heard him say.

    • Like or dislike his answer, its his answer. Just finish going through 100 affirmations of a winner, one key thing is to not criticise others. Thats his now thought, we may see out of a different eye and he will as he evolves.

  6. As a huge Drake fan, I found his answers (in this excerpt of the 1 hour long interview) to be a bit ’empty’. I would’ve expected some better answers from him. It didn’t sound like he really knew what to say or why exactly he was working so hard. Would’ve expected a better formulated answer..


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