Motivational Video – Life Is Too Short

Motivational Video – Life Is Too Short

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Life Is Too Short No Regrets

Motivational Speaker “Les Brown” shares his powerful message in this motivational video that will wake you up and will open your mind to the idea of acting on your dream RIGHT NOW! That life is too short, and that there is no use waiting around for things to happen.

We all get a little too comfortable sometimes and life passes us by. We forget to live each day to the fullest, to smile more, to follow through with our full potential and to go after what we really love. This motivational video will inspire you to do all of this and more.




Motivational Video – Live Your Life Over

Video by Ping Pong Studio

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  1. Oops, didn’t finish my comment. This is so powerful. I’m going to check out Les Brown’s videos on YouTube – he was born to do this! My back had shivers and I started to cry – very inspirational, motivational, all the boxes are checked on this one. Thanks for posting this : )

  2. I’ve done some waxing before the marathon … My hairs already started growing and every second of this video hurt by bringing the goosebumps on my skin 😀 Great one!

  3. This Video demonstrates the real value of time and that we have all been been allocated the same number of hours,minutes and seconds to pursue and achieve our dreams. I have indeed learn something precious from this video.” Life is Beautiful but its up to us to make it as such”.

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