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I want you all to think back to last years New Years Eve – now what big resolution did you make? Fast forward to today – have you kept it?

Millions of us make our resolutions in the same way every year but the experts say this is not the most realistic way to make a long-term change. Our brains are designed to give greater value to an immediate rather than a delayed reward, which means that the desire to go back to that comfy old habit is strong.


In this video snippet from the movie “I Heart HuckabeesDustin Hoffman uses a Blanket as an analogy to explain that we are all the same in a simple beautiful way. If you can understand and live by this perspective then you will live a much happier and wholesome life.

Something to take in mind next time you find yourself a little lost in this world.

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Our bookshelves are lined with habits that successful people do on a daily basis. We read about them and implement them into our routines and practices. Quite often these practices improve our productivity and make our lives better as a result. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s not about what successful people do, but what they did.

Here’s a brief study of 10 things that these hungry and unstoppable people did to see the success they all eventually achieved.

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I have watched this video 3 times over now and I am still blown away. Meet “Dean Karnazes” the man who can run forever. Running 50 back to back marathons in 50 days you’d say that this guy has the mental and physical stamina to accomplish most things thrown at him. Dean Karnazes recently featured on comic book legends, “Stan Lee’s: Superhumans” TV show, where Stan Lee tracks down and follows a handful of superhuman beings with amazing abilities.