(Video) Inspiration To Action By Joel Brown

(Video) Inspiration To Action By Joel Brown

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Joel Brown

Hi guys, just thought that I’d shoot a quick video to share with you today as I have had a number of people telling me that they have a plan, an idea or goal in place but are finding it hard to commit to their dream of being successful.

So here is my spiel on turning Inspiration into Action!

I hope you find it helpful.






(Video) Inspiration To Action



  1. I was having a down day and watching this video just picked me right back up. Keep doing your thing man, It motivates me to do the same

  2. Just freaking awesome man….!!!! thanks for posting this Inspirational video Joel Brown and thanks for creating addicted2success.com…. I gone through almost all stuff and its truly useful for day today life… thanks again.

  3. Great Joel..! This is absolutely an amazing work… Happened to visit your website by chance and I am glad I did it!:) It has been my habit for a long time to share the message/quote that inspires me with my contacts through forwards everyday! Just went through the Inspirational quotes you have posted and couldn’t resist commenting under that also;).. I found each and everyone of them to be precious! Every content in this site is valuable and carries a great potential of transforming life!:) Well done!:) Keep going!:)

  4. Excellent! I am truly inspired and motivated to execute my talents as a rapper. I love this site and I read the articles daily, It definitely keeps me motivated. This site will change the lives of many.

  5. I absolutely love this video! This was my first video watched for addicted2success and I am sticking with this website because I can learn so much when I am a college student right now

  6. You freakin’ ROCK, Joel Brown!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this video and for creating Addicted2Success.com. You’re absolutely right. We HAVE to change the way we think about whatever obstacle we face and take MASSIVE action. I wish great success to anyone that is reading this right now and visiting your website.

    • Thank you Liz. The community is growing more and more everyday and it’s so rewarding hearing how the advice here has affected you. Thank you for dropping a line and much success to you :)

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