(Infographic) Why Billionaire Bill Gates Is Better Than Batman

(Infographic) Why Billionaire Bill Gates Is Better Than Batman

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You could say that Bill Gates is the modern day Batman, giving to the poor and saving the world, one needle at a time with his sidekick Melinda Gates and the head honcho Warren Buffet. So why is Bill Gates better than Batman? This Infographic by Frugaldad.com explains why.

This Infographic is shared with the permission of Frugaldad.com.


Bill Gates Vs.Batman Infographic

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  1. feeding GMO foods to starving africa and the world : giving vaccines full of poisons to little children and making statements how he want to see and help the population to shrink to 2 billion people…..After getting his original funding from the PENTAGON, way to go bill, or is it kill bill?

  2. In a world of self-serving me-first role models it’s refreshing to see someone not only put their money out there for good but more importantly their time and hearts. Thanks for highlighting a true champion for children and the less fortunate!

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